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Mission Statement

Welcome to GO Evangelism Ministry!

GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc. is committed to sharing the message of Christ with all people.

We are a non-profit Christian ministry fully devoted to impacting the lives of tens of thousands of people annually in the

Greater Los Angeles area and various cities in Mexico, through actual street witnessing.

We also provide GO Evangelism Seminars where we train Christians to become Street Evangelists.

We publish and distribute GO Evangelism Gospel Tracts in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and many other languages.


Our Mission:

The Bible commands that every Christian has the responsibility to spread the Gospel throughout the world.

We believe that printed gospel tracts provide an effective way for God’s message to reach the world.

Our mission is to equip God loving people all around the world with powerful and illustrative gospel tracts so that they may fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Why us?

God uses us, as Christians, to reach all of the unsaved nations and peoples. In fact evangelism is a way for all Christians to grow their personal relationships with Christ as well.

In order to effectively communicate God’s word, we must continue to commit ourselves to trusting in God and meditating on His word, so that we have a better ability to answer the questions presented before us.

There is no greater joy than experiencing God work through you by evangelizing to an individual, and then seeing them come into a personal relationship with Christ.

Gospel Tracts are a practical, yet extremely effective way for you to spread the Gospel.


GO and Proclaim!

GO to the street corners…” Matthew 22:9

“As you GO, preach!…” Matthew 10:7

“Therefore GO!…” Matthew 28:19

“GO into all the world…” Mark 16:15

“GO and proclaim…” Luke 9:60

“GO! I am sending you out…” Luke 10:3

“GO into its streets…” Luke 10:10

“GO out quickly…” Luke 14:21

“Whom shall I send? And who will GO for us?” Isaiah 6:8

“GO and tell this people…” Isaiah 6:9

“GO to the great city of Nineveh…” Jonah 1:2

“GO to the great city of Nineveh…” Jonah 3:2

“Let us GO somewhere else…” Mark 1:38

“GO out to the roads and country lanes…” Luke 14:23

“GO! I will send you far away…” Acts 22:21


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"I have never found a Gospel Tract that so completely and clearly explains

how to get saved and with such attractive colors, graphics and the most

powerful message that will draw people to read them. My burden and prayer

is, Lord, Give Me Souls!" Rev. Goodwin, Livingstone, TX

"I really love your tracts - very concise in the message - sin, mercy, grace,

Christ and eternal salvation. Thanks!" Martin, San Diego, CA

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