Christ Is Coming Soon!

Christ Is Coming Soon!

Time Is Running Out!


Mission Statement

Welcome to GO Evangelism Ministry!

Our Mission:

Why us?:

GO and Proclaim!

GO to the street corners…” Matthew 22:9

“As you GO, preach!…” Matthew 10:7

“Therefore GO!…” Matthew 28:19

“GO into all the world…” Mark 16:15

“GO and proclaim…” Luke 9:60

“GO! I am sending you out…” Luke 10:3

“GO into its streets…” Luke 10:10

“GO out quickly…” Luke 14:21

“Whom shall I send? And who will GO for us?” Isaiah 6:8

“GO and tell this people…” Isaiah 6:9

“GO to the great city of Nineveh…” Jonah 1:2

“GO to the great city of Nineveh…” Jonah 3:2

“Let us GO somewhere else…” Mark 1:38

“GO out to the roads and country lanes…” Luke 14:23

“GO! I will send you far away…” Acts 22:21

Where did I come from?
What am I doing here?
Where am I going?
Where will I spend eternity?
How much time is left in my life?

Someone needs
Jesus Christ NOW!
“Therefore, GO!”

Are you ready to meet the Lord?

If not, your time is running out fast!


GO! Evangelism Ministry, Inc.